A downloadable game for Windows

This is an older project no longer in development, but I decided to upload the prototype in case anyone wanted to play around with it.

RootHaven was planned to be a voxel boss-battle game, primarily focused on melee combat. Players were to defeat a boss in each world, each time unlocking new resources to craft better equipment.

This prototype contains a few item types and one "boss." See if you can muddle through this half-completed mess and find/defeat the boss!


WASD to move

SPACE to jump

SCROLL or 1-9 to select active item

LEFT CLICK to gather (or attack)

RIGHT CLICK to place (or defend)

E for inventory

RIGHT CLICK to combine (inventory)

LEFT CLICK to equip or toggle quick slot (inventory)

ESC to save and exit

Hints and Tips

If you dig enough dirt, you should find small rocks.

You cannot combine items in the quick bar (move them to inventory first)

Look for something irregular to find to the boss..

Install instructions

No installation required. Simply unzip and run RootHaven.exe

FYI about saved games: The game will attempt to load a saved game from "save.rhs" when it opens, generating a random world otherwise. This file is saved when the game closes. The previous save file will be moved to "lastSave.rhs". Only 1 previous version is retained.

Copyright 2015 Connor Douthat. All rights reserved.


RootHaven-v0.5.zip 1 MB